At Carnduff Agencies, we realize that Agricultural Insurance is in place to protect more than your belongings. It is in place to protect your way of life.

Agricultural Insurance can be complicated. There are so many physical things to protect, such as your home, buildings, machinery... The list goes on and on. Then there is the extremely important issue of liability.

What would happen if someone was hurt on your farm? Do you have enough coverage to protect you? One incident can be devastating.

Sudden and accidental pollution coverage can be crucial if you use chemicals and have an accidental over-spray to a neighbouring field.

Don’t forget about your boat or quad. Remember, if a powered vehicle cannot be licensed, it must be listed on your Policy to be insured.

Do you leave your seasonal vehicles unlicensed, and therefore, uninsured in winter? You can buy storage insurance for those vehicles!

It is vital to have coverage in place that protects your entire farming operation. From planting seeds to reaping the harvest of your hard work, we can help you design a policy that fits your unique situation and needs!

We all know what kind of trouble our livestock can get into. Sometimes, it’s not even their fault.

Come in and speak with one of our Brokers today! We can take the confusion our of Agricultural and Livestock Insurance so that you can go about your farming business confidently.

Know that your assets are protected. Contact us!

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We understand the need for efficient, comprehensive, and affordable insurance in the Livestock Industry.

There are many options available for insuring your livestock, from an add-on rider to your Agricultural Policy stand alone Policy specifically written to cover Livestock. A Broker at Carnduff Agencies can walk you through the options available and provide you with a quote.


What is All Risks of Mortality (ARM)?

Coverage for death resulting from accident, ilness, injury or disease.

What is Restricted Perils (RP)?

Cover for death of animals as a result of but not limited to an insured peril, such as fire, lightning, vehicle collision, flood, and perils insured listed on the policy wording.

What is Accidental External Injury?

When an insured animal suffers and accidental external injury and a qualified Veterinarian has given a certificate that the suffering of the animal is incurable and so excessive that immediate destruction is imperative for human reasons. (Does not include breeding accidents)

What is Business Interruption (BI)?

Normally attached to an ARM or RP policy, BI will provide coverage for loss of income or additional cost incurred as a result of the death of the animals insured.

What is Transit Coverage?

There is a wide range of coverage for livestock in transit, everything from a single animal moving from a sale facility or breeder to the family farm to full loads of livestock moving across the country.