You’ve worked hard to build your business, but do you have enough protection if fire or some other unforseen event threatens to close your doors?

At Carnduff Agencies, you and your business are in good hands. We work with several leading Insurance Companies in the Commercial Insurance area and look forward to providing you with the best possible coverage for your specific business.

Business Insurance in itself is a complicated business. As there are many variations in businesses - there are many variations in coverages and options available. No matter what business you're in - we can help you protect it.


Cargo insurance is a legal liability policy that is mandatory and required by law for businesses carrying other's property.

The Saskatchewan Highway Traffic Board, in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Act, requires carriers that have Commercial 'A' plate registration on vehicles over 5,000 kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) to have a cargo insurance policy that meets the minimum limits. A vehicle's GVW determines the minimum limits required by law. All loads should be insured to their full value.

Although single trip only cargo policies cannot be obtained, increased single trip limit requirements are available.

Leased operator's buy-down cargo policy
Leased operators may determine that the employer's policy is subject to a high deductible that they cannot absorb. The leased operator may choose to buy down the deductible to $500.

We can help you determine whether or not you are required to carry Cargo Insurance.

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SGI CANADA offers The Energy Pak - Coverage specific to the oil & gas industry. Energy Pak provides coverage for your oil & gas industry business, including:

  • Oil well battery operators
  • Oil well pumpers
  • Gas compressor station operators
  • Oilfield or environmental consulting
  • Oil/gas lease site maintenance


The Value Pak family of individually packaged insurance policies is designed to meet your business' specific and often specialized needs.

AutoService Pak

If your business services people and their cars - from gas stations and convenience stores to lube shops and carwashes - this insurance is for you.

Building Owner's Pak

Owning a commercial space, like a strip mall or office building, in which others conduct business can be risky. This insurance has been developed with your commercial real estate business in mind.

Office Pak

Your business needs an office space to conduct business. This insurance protects your business assets if the unexpected should occur.

ProService Pak

As a professional service provider whose career is their livelihood, protecting your business venture and reputation is paramount. This insurance was designed with you in mind.

Restaurant Pak

No matter how you slice it, the food service industry is a competitive marketplace. Protect your investment with this insurance.

Retail Pak

Providing consumers, including other businesses, with the items they need to work, live or play makes you happy. Keep happy by protecting your financial assets with this insurance.