Farmers are diversifying their crops as global market prices fluctuate and with that they need the best coverage at competitive rates. We work with several Companies that specialize in Hail Insuance and strive to meet these needs.

Keep in mind that coverages and dates vary from Company to Company and are subject to change. One thing that is for certain is:

If you plant a crop in Saskatchewan, you simply can’t afford to be without hail insurance!

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The following is an example of the options available with one of the Companies we work with:


  • Coverage available on ALL types of crops
  • Coverage ranges from $10 to $300 per acre
  • Coverage purchased cannot exceed the actual value of the crop

Policy Period

  • The policy is in effect from 12:00 noon the day following the date of purchase
  • All policy coverages end on October 15th of the same year
  • There is no cut off date to buy coverage, however late season applications need to be phoned in for permission first

Payment Options

  • Cash payment in full at time of purchase
  • Deferred cash payment, due August 15th, at cash rate
  • Promissory note, due October 1st, add 5% interest charge
  • Visa or master card

Fast Payout Claims

  • Most claims are processed within 24 hours of receipt of an acceptable proof of loss